Top 10 Best smart ceiling fans of 2022

Best smart ceiling fans

Hotter summers mean more individuals are seeking for cost-effective solutions to remain cool. One excellent method of doing so is by installing a smart ceiling fan. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of selecting the best smart fan for your home, and we’ll also provide our top selections for the year 2022.

Everyone is making energy efficiency a key priority. It’s a good idea to use less energy for financial or environmental reasons (or both!). The usage of intelligent goods is one strategy for achieving this goal. You’ve probably already heard about “smart” items like “smart” thermostats and “smart” light bulbs. However, what about high-tech fan blades? The smart treatment has been extended to supporters as well.

Ceiling fans may not provide as much cooling relief as other options, but they are significantly more cost-effective. When compared to the energy consumption of a full central air conditioning system, the cooling capacity of a fan-only system is negligible. As a substitute for real heat, a fan may provide real airflow. By circulating the air in a space, you may mix the warmer and colder air and make everyone more comfortable.

You don’t have to pick one over the other, and this is especially true if you reside in a warmer environment. You may reduce your cooling expenses and increase efficiency by using both an air conditioner and a fan simultaneously. It is suggested that you use both your air conditioner and ceiling fan simultaneously. Why? As was previously indicated, a more pleasant atmosphere may be achieved by allowing air to circulate. The combined effects of an air conditioner and a ceiling fan are impressive.

It’s unnecessary to turn off the fan, and you may leave it on for as long as you like. On the other hand, you could just stand there and flip the switch each time the air conditioner turns on. You can’t really win in any of these two situations.

Perhaps it would be more efficient to program a robot to do it all. You’ll want to invest in a top-tier smart ceiling fan for this task.

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Explain what a smart ceiling fan is.

Smart refers to automated or data-driven technology. With a smart gadget, you can usually operate it through your smartphone, eliminating the need for physical contact. Not only is it more practical, but the extra say over scheduling also gives you more freedom.

Connectivity to a local network or the internet is not required for a smart device to be considered part of the IoT. Some devices need hubs, and others need to be connected wirelessly (through WiFi or Bluetooth).

With this information in hand, identifying a smart ceiling fan is a breeze! They look just like regular ceiling fans, only they can turn on by themselves when a certain set of conditions is met.

They function similarly to smart thermostats in that they may be operated remotely and programmed to maintain a constant temperature within a given range according to a given schedule. Some are even compatible with the likes of Alexa, Nest, and Google Home.

Top 10 Best smart ceiling fans

1. Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Ceiling Fan

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • Energy-efficient dimmable LED light
  • WI-FI compatible
  • Quiet performance
  • Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit

When it comes to smart home systems, Hunter is an early adopter, thanks to its innovative compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit.

The Symphony, the Signal, and the Apache are all part of the company’s SimpleConnect 3-fan series. They serve the same purposes yet look different from one another.

The fans may be managed remotely over a WiFi network, a mobile device, or Apple’s HomeKit system.

In addition to its reversible motor and two 9.8-Watt light bulbs, the Symphony model’s pure white blades and year-round use also make it ideal for use throughout the colder months. The Android phones may use the fans as well.

You can’t go wrong with a Hunter fan if you’re into home automation and looking to upgrade your network with a high-end fan. The Symphony has the lowest price tag and is offered in both flat and slanted mounting configurations.


  • Wi-Fi and Apple HomeKit-enabled
  • Powerful performance
  • Two-position mounting
  • Reversible motor for bi-directional blade movement


  • Not ideal for large rooms

2. Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  •  16 distinct brightness settings
  • Mobile App control
  • Quiet performance
  • 7 speeds

The automated ceiling fans from Haiku are among of the most stylish options available. Ceiling fans by Haiku are sophisticated and fashionable. Their minimal design makes them versatile enough to complement many different aesthetics. With 75 design honors from throughout the world, they’re sure to have a fan that suits your taste.

Here we go with the L series first. It will improve the aesthetic value of any indoor area and features an instantly recognizable design at an affordable price. LED illumination with 16 brightness settings is included as well. The L-series delivers the accuracy that is one of the greatest features of modern electronic devices.

It’s voice-controlled, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa and the Google Assistant (both offered separately). In addition to being compatible with our favorite smart thermostats (Nest and Ecobee), the Haiku allows you to regulate the temperature in your house on hot days without turning on the air conditioner.

And for aficionados of the H series and the I series, Haiku has them, too. They’re both equipped with the same functions but come in various shapes and sizes.

A ceiling fan from Haiku is perfect for the smart home fanatic who values form and function equally. You get everything you need in one convenient box, and it’s made by a trusted company.


  • Suitable for indoor spaces
  • Energy-efficient
  • Integrated LED lights with 16 different brightness levels
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • High price tag

3. Axis Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Axis Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • 6 speed DC motor
  • Factory balanced
  • 3 Integrated LED light options
  • Bluetooth wall control included
  • Indoor and Outdoor rated

Another widely available fan manufacturer, Modern Forms, has released a set of cutting-edge ceiling fans. It’s worth noting that Modern Forms is also a brand under which they are offered. The Axis model has the smallest blade spread of any fan out there at 44 inches, and it does it with more ingenious features than any other fan of its size.

This fan operates quietly, may be purchased in white, black, titanium, or bronze, and is of a mid-range price point. This selection of compatible systems is more extensive than that of any competitor, with the possible exception of Minka Aire.

There are now integrations with Alexa, Google, and SmartThings, as well as Ecobee, Josh AI, and Control4. And that’s not all: they’ve already announced interoperability with Lutron, Savant, and Nest. These have been ‘announced’ for quite some time, so you shouldn’t rely on them in making a buy.

The accompanying LED light has a high brightness output of 1600, comes in three different color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, and 3500K), and can be dimmed.

Control is offered through a Bluetooth remote by default, with the wall controller available for purchase as an extra. It’s convenient to have the option of purchasing extra battery-operated remotes that may be mounted on the wall, allowing for 3- or 4-way control scenarios. These knobs and buttons look like they were made to ape the high-end Lutron Casetta series or smart switches, but they fall short in every respect.

A high efficiency DC motor is used in the Modern Forms fans, resulting in little noise (they claim silence, but that’s subjective) and low energy usage. However, unlike the Haiku up above, which benefits from superior engineering in its blade design, this one falls short in terms of airflow. Still, they are intriguing because to their factory-balanced efficiency, wide range of smart home connectors, and other features.


  • Good integration options
  • Bright LED light
  • Indoor and outdoor rated


  • Install can be difficult

4. SMAAIR 52 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan with Lights

SMAAIR 52 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan with Lights

Top Features

  • 10 speed reversible motor
  • Low profile
  • Integrated LED light
  • Wireless remote control included

SMAAIR’s newest Striver series is the best buy in terms of quality and price right now. all come with their own in-built intelligence and intelligence at a more affordable price. This surface-mount variant has a 52-inch spread, making it ideal for rooms with lower ceilings. It is available in white, gold/black, and a light wood-look for an additional cost.

A wall mount or wall controller is not included with these DC fans; only a handheld remote. Carro offers built-in smart home connectivity for the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts. You should know that this is not Apple HomeKit, but rather the standalone Shortcuts software.

Users have reported that these fans run quietly, which is about all we can ask for at this price, despite the fact that the manufacturer makes no claim that this is the case. It’s a plus that they may be put outside under cover, as they are resistant to moisture.

The LED light is built in into the fan and cannot be removed and replaced like the lights on most of the other fans here. In fact, it has one of the greatest luminescent efficacies on our list at 2000 lumens and is dimmable across several different color temperatures.


  • Lower price
  • Flush mount for low ceilings
  • Indoor and outdoor rated


  • Limited smart integrations

5. Wynd Smart Indoor and Outdoor 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Wynd Smart Indoor and Outdoor 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • 70% more efficient
  • Quiet performance
  • Pair with the smart home tech

Does the concept of a 60-inch fan with five blades appeal to you? The Wynd smart ceiling fan is an option worth considering. It’s ideal for large spaces that need lots of light and fresh air, as it comes with a huge 3500K LED light.

From the standpoint of smart home integration, this is a very flexible fan that works with a number of different smart platforms including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, and Samsung Smart Things. Wow, that’s pretty neat, right?

In contrast to the last example, this one has separate summer and winter airflow settings. Just click the button and the air will circulate (without chilling you to the bone).

In comparison to its contemporaries, the Wynd ceiling fan is more pricey. The good news, though, is that it does what it’s supposed to and can be used as both an indoor and outdoor fan. Be aware that setting up might be tricky.


  • Works with iOS or Android App
  • High Efficiency LED Light Kit
  • Advanced Smart Home Integration
  • Wet Location Listed for Indoor or Outdoor


  • Not ideal for large rooms

6. Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • Distressed Koa finish
  • Work with Alexa or Google Home
  • Unique design
  • 3 speed – reversible motor

The Minka Aire F844-DK is a modern ceiling fan with sweeping curves on its blades. Unlike the previous two examples, this one’s light is integrated into the fan’s body and comes in a variety of attractive finishes.

It comes with dimmable light bulbs that are 16 watts. But at full intensity, they may be rather painful.

The remote controls it, but if you want to use it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you’ll need to buy a separate hub (the Bond hub BD-1000).

Having three different speeds, the greatest one actually produces a respectable breeze. The experts at The Spruce, however, believe that other similar products provide superior ventilation. The Minka Aire F844-DK has a low power consumption, using just about 65 watts of electricity.


  • Distressed Koa Finish
  • Dimmable LED light
  • 3-Speed Remote Control
  • 3-Speed Wall Control
  • Voice-Activated


  • High price

7. Roboto Smart Indoor and Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

Roboto Smart Indoor and Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • 6-speed brushless motor
  • Multiple control features
  • Quiet performance
  • 70% more efficient

A high-quality, tri-blade ceiling fan is a must-have for every building. Although it retains certain elements of the original style, Roboto updated the aesthetic for a more contemporary feel. On top of that, you gain access to all the advanced control options, such as data-driven Alexa voice control hub connections.

This high-tech ceiling fan’s matching color light lens is an excellent addition. For example, a heavy matte black finish is paired with a light coating of the same color, giving the look of a single, purposeful piece. In addition, data is used by adaptive controls for planning and improving processes.

The Roboto Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-blade ceiling fan is a great option if you’re looking to add some style and function to your home. It has multiple control features, including Alexa, traditional remote control, and mobile app control. This fan is designed to be used in wet outdoor settings, so it is made with a durable plastic housing and a heavy duty motor.

This fan also integrates with any smart device hub, allowing you to connect to it via your mobile phone or tablet. It’s also easy to control and adjust using the Roboto App, which will allow you to customize your fan settings to your liking.


  • Modern design
  • Advanced Smart Home Integration
  • Winter & Summer Modes
  • Wet Location Listed


  • Not match with traditinal homes

8. Woody Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Woody Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Replaceable LED light
  • App control
  • Compatible with Alexa

Given the name, you probably already know that this is a fan made from a combination of woods. It has the same sleek, contemporary design as the other smart ceiling fans on our list, but the wood-blend construction gives it a more traditional or upscale vibe that many buyers will like.

If you’re looking for something with a little extra bells and whistles, but still within a fair budget, this smart ceiling fan is for you.

This indoor/outdoor smart ceiling fan is a beautiful addition to any patio or hot tub for year-round cooling and ambience. It works seamlessly with the standard remote, Alexa voice control, and a smartphone app. This can be done, for example, by analyzing operational history in order to recommend methods of improved control and less overhead.

Woody is a smart, wireless, and stylish ceiling fan that’s a breeze to install. With WiFi and Bluetooth, you can connect to Alexa and control your smart home devices.

It’s also smart enough to detect motion and automatically adjust speed, lighting, and color for the perfect experience. And the longer blades at 60”-72” provide more airflow, meaning you can feel the breeze and have more control over your space. Free mobile app support lets you control the fan from anywhere.


  • Beautiful wood blend options
  • Powerful performance
  • Wet rated for outdoor use
  • Energy Efficient LED light


  • Not ideal for small rooms
  • High price

9. Modern Indoor Outdoor Smart ceiling fan

Modern Indoor Outdoor Smart ceiling fan

Top Features

  • Fully dimmable integrated LED kit
  • 10-speed brushless motor
  • 75% more energy efficiency
  • Three way control

Our research has shown that this kind of smart ceiling fan is the best currently available. We thought it would be helpful to add it because it contains the fundamentals need to get started with smart technology and feel at ease with it. It lacks the high-end polish of some rivals, yet it has every useful integration and supports voice commands.

You may choose from two basic hues with this layout. These 56″ smart ceiling fans are equally at home in your interior living space or on your outside patio. A reasonably well-thought-out warranty protects you in case the whisper-quiet motor ever breaks down.

This smart ceiling fan is a great way to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It features an integrated 3000 lumens integrated LED kit that can be fully dimmed, 10-speed brushless motor that improves heating/cooling efficiency, and reversible motor for different seasons of the year.


  • Three control option
  • Powerful performance
  • ETL-certified safe for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to install


  • Not available in small size

10. Lotus Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Lotus Smart Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Top Features

  • Able to coordinate with smart devices
  • Wet Location Listed
  • Interreges well into IoT dashboards
  • Includes all control modes

With the Lotus smart ceiling fan, we are reverting to a more contemporary look, with a tri-bladed construction. With a slim profile and good smart connections like mobile applications and voice control hubs like Alexa, you can get white, black, or brushed alumni.

It’s a little strange that you have to pay money on the full fan design in addition to the app’s $10 in-app purchase. The light is dimmable and has three distinct color temperatures, all of which can be adjusted with the included Bluetooth remote.

With a lot of people living in apartments, there’s no shortage of spaces that could benefit from some extra circulation. That’s why the Lotus Indoor/Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan is perfect for those who live in places that can’t get too hot or cold.

It features a wet rating and durability for outdoor use, and it interreges well into IoT dashboards for data collection and management. The app is available, but there is a fee.


  • 6-speed brushless motor
  • Three integrated LED light
  • Controlled by most iPhone or Android devices


  • The app charges a fee

In what ways may a smart ceiling fan benefit you?

It’s understandable if the idea of installing a smart ceiling fan sounds like an unnecessary luxury. This is not the situation in the modern day. You can reduce your power cost and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature with the assistance of smart fans.

By scheduling the operation of a ceiling fan, you may increase the temperature of the air conditioner by a few degrees while still feeling comfortable. All forms of circulating fans are effective, but ceiling fans in particular combine the air skillfully to reduce the temperature due to the fact that heat rises. As a result, you may reduce your AC’s overall energy usage by as much as 10% for every degree you increase the thermostat.

The Easiest Method for Setting up Smart Ceiling Fans

You can choose from a few different paths. A modern smart ceiling fan with sensors is available at home improvement stores, department stores, and shopping websites. Smart fan control switches may also be purchased to convert a standard ceiling fan into an automated model.

While installing app-enabled ceiling fans takes no more time than installing a traditional fan, reusing your existing fan may take some time if you lack basic electrical understanding. Your current wall switches can be replaced with some of these switches. To make your fan function with the remote, there are even DIY switches you can install. Things are easier to set up than ever before since they are made with the customer in mind these days. A professional electrician or handyman should be consulted if any ambiguity remains.

How Much Do Smart Ceiling Fans Cost?

The price of a smart switch can range from $50 to $100; the ceiling fan is not included in this price. Smart ceiling fans, as one might expect, cost anything from $300 to $1,000. Size, power, and aesthetics all have a role in setting a product’s price. Think about the dimensions of the space you intend to install the smart ceiling fan in before making a purchase. Ensure there is adequate headroom. You don’t want the airflow to be overly forceful, but a little fan in a big room won’t do much, either.

Tips for Choosing a Smart Ceiling Fan

In the majority of dwellings, ceiling fans are a necessary appliance. In order to provide not only ventilation and cooling, but also illumination. Adding “smart” features that can be controlled from a distance makes them even more practical. Just for a moment, can you picture yourself lying in bed and either disabling your fan or putting it up to high speed? That’s a lot preferable to leaping up to catch a ceiling fan’s short pull.

If that seems like something you could be interested in, then there is a short list of characteristics to think over before settling on one of the finest smart ceiling fans for your house.


Investing in a smart ceiling fan may be costly, but it will be money well spent. Connected ceiling fans can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. As such, you should check that the one you choose has everything you need. Think about features like Alexa compatibility and check the specs for things like speed and energy consumption. Everything you need and desire should be in the fan. In light of the fact that ceiling fans, if cared for properly, may last for decades, it’s wise to invest in a high-quality model that you’ll be pleased with for years to come.


Smart ceiling fans may be installed with the same ease as conventional fans. The most noticeable distinction is that you’ll need to sync it with your other devices (e.g., a smartphone) in order to get the most out of it and have the most convenient control.

While each fan does come with its own comprehensive handbook, you will still need some familiarity with electrical wiring and concepts. You may always hire a professional to do the job for you if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.


You should constantly double-check the dimensions, even though most ceiling fans are sold in a single standard size. Some may be longer than others, signifying more substantial blades. Verify the overall weight is correct. The ceiling and the fittings must be strong enough to hold the fan, no matter how light or heavy it is. In addition, you need to think about the ceiling height of the space. The installation of a ceiling fan may not be ideal if the height of your ceilings is too low.


You may pick from many different styles and color options. Choose a fan that not only appeals to your sense of taste but also works nicely with the rest of your decor. Fans with traditional blades are still quite common, but flush-mounted designs and fans that can retract their blades from the ceiling are on the rise.

Use of Energy

Nowadays, most ceiling fans use hardly any power at all. When put next to something like an HVAC system in terms of energy use, they pale in comparison. On top of that, they aid even the most sophisticated air conditioning systems by lowering the ambient temperature. Selecting a ceiling fan that incorporates energy-saving LED or incandescent bulbs is a good idea if you want to use it for more than just cooling the room.

Features Beyond That

Depending on the features you use the most, you may have to pay extra. Is it really that important if it has great functionality? Just as before, a ceiling fan isn’t something most people buy frequently, so it’s important to make sure you choose the one that’s best for your home. You should evaluate whether or not these extras (such as full illumination) are necessary in addition to the ceiling fans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Ceiling Fans

Getting smart, or Wi-Fi-compatible, furniture for your house might be difficult. Specifications, layout, quality, and cost should all be thought about. Here are some responses to commonly asked issues from previous clients to help ease any remaining concerns:

Can I add intelligence to my existing ceiling fan?

To take use of smart features, you don’t need to replace your existing fan if it’s just a standard or “dumb” fan. If you currently use a remote to operate your fan, you may connect a special gadget to the remote, like the Bond mentioned above. Alternatively, you may set up your smartphone to operate an old fan by installing an Insteon controller.

Do I always have to use a gadget, or may I switch it on and off by hand?

Smart ceiling fans may be controlled in a variety of ways, including using a standard wall switch. Additionally, they are linked to other digital tools for streamlined access and individualization. It is worthwhile to configure these fans to achieve optimal performance, as greater precision is one of the primary benefits of smart devices.

Does it always need to be cleaned if I use smart fans?

No, smart fans do not automatically clean themselves just yet. When it comes to routine maintenance, smart fans aren’t that different from conventional fans. Fans that have accumulated dust are less effective and might transmit allergies, so cleaning them may be necessary. Refer to the user handbook for instructions on how to maintain the fan’s finish.

If you have a smart fan, does Alexa support it?

Not all items can link up with Alexa or be controlled by voice commands from services like Google Assistant. If this is something you’re interested in, look over the specifications of various models before making a final decision. Be aware that you must already own an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device in order to use this function. The gadget is not included with the fan.

Will the use of smart ceiling fans lead to a higher monthly electricity bill?

Ultimately, absolutely, because your electric cost will go up whenever you use an electrical device. Luckily, smart ceiling fans assist reduce the workload on your HVAC and AC by increasing cooling via air circulation. Be sure to verify the energy efficiency ratings before making a purchase. Some fans are better in terms of their energy efficiency than others. Controlling is also much simpler with smart ceiling fans. Setting them to turn on and off at specific times is a breeze. And using your phone is the simplest way to activate or deactivate them. You can stay seated the whole time.

Can I use smart ceiling fans outdoors?

Maybe, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Intelligent fans are not often made to function in environments of excessive humidity or dampness. Dangers aren’t limited to only being outside when the wind is blowing and the temperature is below freezing. Look for a fan that is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage if you need one for your porch or sunroom. This is because they will be manufactured specifically to survive adverse climate conditions.

Can I change the settings without using my phone?

Yes, but once you get the hang of it, a smartphone makes your life much simpler. There is a free app for controlling your smart ceiling fan that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve got everything just right, you can either forget about it or set it and forget it with the help of the app. You’ll also need to make sure that the fan is compatible with your mobile device, in addition to getting the right apps. Although some fans still call for a hub, the majority can function with just a wireless or Bluetooth connection. If you aren’t sure whether or not the fan you want will work in your space, it’s a good idea to look into the specifics before making a purchase.


Choosing a ceiling fan for your smart home that works with your smart home devices is only one of the equation. Normal considerations like as noise, fan speed, and airflow capacity should also be taken into account.

Big Ass Fans’ Haiku L line is a high-quality, thoughtfully-designed device that can be operated with the help of either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, with all the associated automation rules. This accommodates the vast majority of the current smart home market, but it excludes HomeKit and SmartThings customers.

Minka Aire has a wide variety of models that can be integrated with smart home systems, although they tend to be on the bigger side. They’re reasonably priced and offer similar factory-balanced quality as Big Ass Fans.

For users of HomeKit and SmartThings, good choices may be found within the Hunter and Modern Forms communities. These companies all have smart fan models that run quietly, but their respective apps have serious flaws. However, if you get everything set up on your preferred smart platform, you should see decent performance, with most problems stemming from the manufacturer’s applications.